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I Made My Own Products!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share a really fun experience with all of you – I recently had the opportunity to make my own products! This is probably one of the most interesting things I’ve ever done. I learned a ton and was able to practice restraint (!) in creating some fabulous items.

A couple months ago, one of my favorite online shops was transitioned into a beautiful storefront. My friend Denise who owns St. Augustine and Suds was able to make her dream happen and open a long-awaited place to see, touch and smell all of her amazing products! In addition, she hosted her first in-store event which allowed about 20 people to come in and make their own products.




The first product we were guided through was creating a bentonite clay mask. Used alone, bentonite clay is great for problem skin as well as normal and sensitive skin types. Denise made several suggestions to the group which quickly got overwhelming… so I decided to keep it simple. In addition to the clay base, I added powdered red clay which is meant to detox and firm, but is very gentle on sensitive skin. Then I added a scoop of rose hips, which are chock full of vitamin A and promote skin cell turnover. The final ingredient was a few drops of Denise’s custom face oil – I have no idea what was in it but thought it would be a great addition!



The second product was actually a choice between a scrub and a soak – we had the option of sugar, salt and coffee. I decided to make a soak because I had purchased one of her scrubs the week prior. I narrowed it down to the Himalayan pink sea salt – one because it was really pretty and two it is a wonderful way to detox.


 Salt might seem like it would be really drying, however in this use, it actually helps the body absorb and lock in minerals. We were encouraged to try nourishing oils in our scrubs or soaks and were given the option of apricot seed, olive, grapeseed and avocado oil. I opted for grapeseed, which is really lightweight and I know my skin absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. The final element was eucalyptus oil. I love the smell of eucalyptus and use it for everything from destressing to helping with a cold. Again, practicing restraint, I limited this to 3 ingredients and sealed up my bag.


There will be a bit of trial and error with the powder mask – finding the right water to clay ratio will take some work. I used a few drops of warm water to make a consistency that I felt I could spread evenly. As I was working through it, I did need to add a few more drops of water to thin it back out. After about 10 minutes, it was completely dry and I removed with a warm, damp cloth. After letting my face dry, I couldn’t stop touching it. My skin felt amazing – super clean, but not tight or dry. I went through the rest of my evening routine and woke up feeling great. The next day effect was very similar to that of the GlamGlow Supermud only without the tight feeling.

The soak was delightful… I used it in a hot bath while I read a book. My skin felt soft and hydrated afterwards… there isn’t much else to say!

I already have my ticket for the October event – I think we are making 3 products this time. I can’t wait to share my next round of handmade products and test them out.

Have you ever made your own products? If so, what did you make and what were the resulys?

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This Week’s Lips #7

Happy Sunday!

I took a hiatus last week due to some personal stuff. I usually write down the first few days on Wednesday and finish the post Saturday or Sunday. By Wednesday, I was already swamped and completely overwhelmed so the post never even was drafted. This past week was a bit better so I’m going to try and stay on top of it going forward.

Monday – MAC Lipglass in Seducing Sound – this was released a couple summers ago as part of the Alluring Aquatic collection, which was maybe one of my favorites from the last decade. This is a beautiful, shimmery brown/copper/plum sheer nude shade. That sounds loaded, I know but it is the best way to describe it. This doesn’t have enough shimmer for it to be considered to be a Dazzleglass, but more than a typical Cremesheen. I always snag a spare at a CCO if I find it!

Tuesday – Lancôme Le Rouge Absolu in Crème de Marron – I’m really surprised to see that this is the first time this has been mentioned in this series. This is yet another brown-nude shade in my collection. Are you noticing a trend? I love the formula of the Le Rouge Absolu – very hydrating and lasts for several hours. I want more of these in my life!

Wednesday – Tarte Lippie Lingerie in Revealed and L’Oréal Colour Riche Lipstick in Eva’s Nude – ok I have to start this by saying that Lippie Lingerie is a really terrible name.. however, this color is phenomenal. It’s a beautiful red-hued brown shade that has applies like a dream and stays put for hours. I chickened out a bit as I walked out the door for work and applied a layer of Eva’s Nude over it to mute the shade a bit. The combination of the two worked very well together, the combined shades made it look quite similar to Tuesday’s Lancôme shade.



ThursdayLe Métier de Beauté Hydra Crème Lipstick in MoroccoI was really dragging by Thursday and decided to punch it up a bit with a great daytime red. This leans a bit pink/blue, but it is very subtle. This is quite different from the Guerlain Rouge G in Gina, which leans more orange. What I love about this shade is that while it is sheer, it can be built up to a full-coverage, bold shade.

Friday – NYX Chunky Dunk in Hibiscus Tea Punch – ok if Lippie Lingerie was terrible, Chunky Dunk is just the worst. Seriously, NYX? WTF. I think they changed the name after the release of this because it was so awful. Names aside, this is a fantastic product. This is a sheer pink-beige shade with decent pigmentation. This is not as long lasting as some of the other NYX formulas, but this feels more like a balm and is easy to reapply. I love how hydrating this is and I should be wearing this much more often!!


Saturday – MAC Matte Lip Color in Eugenie and Burberry Lip Mist in No. 206 Blueberry Eugenie on its own is tough… It’s a beautiful shade but really difficult to wear as a matte – it clumps, pulls and settles in every small line. It feels really dry and no amount of exfoliation makes it feel comfortable. When it is layered with Blueberry, it becomes a beautiful, deep cranberry shade that wears perfectly. Blueberry alone is a sheer, hydrating lip color that lasts for hours. The color in the tube is quite deceiving – it truly looks like the shade of smashed blueberries on your lips.

As I was writing this post, I realized that I am becoming less and less loyal to any specific brand. While my color preferences deviate very little, my expectation for performance is still high. I don’t particularly care if a product is $5 or $45, as long as it is a quality product, I’m content.

How have your preferences changed over the years? Do you find yourself becoming more open to different brands or are you becoming more loyal to just a couple of companies?

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Use It: September 2016 Empties

Hello and happy October!

Farewell summer – I won’t miss you!

As usual, everything is broken down into one of the following categories: skincare, makeup, body, hair and lifestyle. Sample reviews are posted frequently to my Instagram (@lvp8779) as they are used. This month included a higher number of samples than usual as I was participating in Sample September. It was really nice to be able to clear out a few more things out of my sample stash!

Here we go!




Julep Charcoal Konjac Sponge – I really liked the shape and feel of this sponge. This was great out of the gate, unfortunately between uses it would dry out too much and start to condense. After a couple weeks it became increasingly difficult to rehydrate and use comfortably. It kept shrinking and absorbing less and less water every day. I think I really only got one good week of use out of this and completely gave up after 2-3 weeks. This was only with using a gentle cleanser first thing in the morning – no cleansing oils or use with makeup. Would not repurchase. Available at Julep.com for $12.

Lancôme Genifique Yeux/Youth Activating Eye Cream – this was from L’Oréal Product Evaluation and probably one of the best gifts they’ve ever given! This was great for day and night – incredibly hydrating and soothing. This has reflective agents and minimizes the appearance of dark circles. It did not, however, tighten or firm the fine lines. I liked this, but did not love it for that very reason. Would not purchase. Available at Nordstrom for $67 for 0.5oz.

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes – this confirmed my dislike of cucumber scented things. Additionally, they did not remove my makeup very well… it was fine for foundation and some eyeshadows, but they didn’t touch mascara or eyeliner. Would definitely not repurchase. Available at Target for $2.99 (10 sheets).


Benefit They’re Real Beyond Blue Mascara – this was so perfect for summer! I originally discussed this here. As typical for They’re Real, it lasted about 3 months on the dot before it started to dry out. I was hoping to get a few more uses out of it, but managed to get yet another round of pink eye.. ugh! Out it goes! I love this formula, but I probably would not purchase this color in this line again. It’s fun, but I know I can find a colored mascara for much cheaper. Available at Ulta for $24.



Vella Flower Flower B.B Whitening Moisturizing Color Control Base – this was a really great BB cream. I used this quite a bit when I was battling perioral dermatitis – it cancelled out all of the redness and was hydrating enough to minimize some of the flaky skin. This made my skin overall look super porcelain and flawless. It did get shiny throughout the day, but it wasn’t anything that a little powder couldn’t get rid of! If I could find this, I would definitely repurchase. It was a Memebox find from when the majority of the products were coming straight from Korea. I will probably never find this again.


Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance Fair to Medium Skin – I despise most tanning lotions simply because of the scent. This one smells so nice! It is also a really subtle color enhancer that doesn’t make my incredibly pale skin look orange or too dark. This never streaks or leaves uneven patches. I already have a backup! Available at Ulta for about $10 for 13.5oz.


Bath and Body Works Soothing Pillow Mist in Eucalyptus Spearmint – I love, love, love this and have been using it for years. When I have the Sunday blues and can’t fall asleep, I just spray on my pillow and I’m out within 5 minutes. I don’t know what kind of magic this stuff is, but fortunately I have backups! The down side is that this wasn’t completely empty, but the sprayer thing broke. Bummer. I will purchase more during one of the BBW semi-annual sales where it’s 50%. Available in-store and on the website for $12.50 for 5.3oz.

Butter London Nail in The Sweet Spot – this lovely, creamy pink was part of last year’s collaboration with Allure – I think they had 4-5 limited edition shades. I received this last year through the Allure Beauty Box (which I discontinued a few months ago) and originally featured in my 2015 Favorites – with good reason. The formula was long lasting and well pigmented – I have some other shades from this brand that I look forward to testing out! Regular shades available at Ulta for $15 for 0.4oz.

Formula X Delete All – I bought this in hopes of finding something that would take off glitter polish better than my regular $1.99 remover. This is one of those contraptions that has 5 slots for each finger… you contort your hands so it coats your nail and removes the polish. This worked incredibly well on removing all traces of gritty glitter! I’m not sure why I was on the kick, but I have certainly moved past it. It works well on all formulas, pigmentations, etc. It has really dried out so it’s time to say goodbye. I would definitely repurchase! Available at Sephora for $15 for 5oz.



Julep Nail Color in Rayma – so this was a September favorite and an empty😦 I absolutely love this color. It reminds me of wine, which is probably why I like it so much! This started to get really thick, so I added a similar shade to kind of thin it out. I was able to get a few more uses, but sadly it is no more. I would consider repurchasing if I didn’t have so much nail polish… the Julep subscription was great, but just soooo many products. I will not need to buy polish for the next 5 years. Available on Julep.com for $14

Julep Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops – this worked really well and lasted forever! This oily formula dried polish in a snap. I do have a back up of this and will use it, but I don’t anticipate repurchasing. The product below will explain why… Available on Julep.com for $18.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat – ah, my beloved Seche Vite. Toxic as hell, but I can’t resist it. I can use this on any polish and it will be dry in 2 minutes. I never get a smudge, bubble or crinkle when I use this. As you can probably tell, this is not empty, but it got really thick and hard to use. Don’t worry, I already have a backup! Available at Ulta for $7.99.

Whew! There you go. Again, it never seems like a lot until I start typing… then it seems like it takes forever to wrap it up!

Total products used 2016 year to date:

Skincare: 13

Body: 17

Hair: 13

Makeup/face: 22

other: 5

Nails: 13

Samples: 39

Sheet masks: 10

Month total: $190.98

Year total: $1,217.09 

What did you finish up this month? Any favorites? Non-favorites?

Have a great October!

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September 2016 Favorites

Hello again!

I was trying to think of my September favorites and kept struggling with what that could actually be… after a couple days I had to laugh at myself because the answer was right in front of me. Literally in and on my face all month.

If you have been following along with my new weekly lip shade overview, you know that Bite Thistle has made a number of occurrences. This one is definitely not a secret. I wore it on repeat for several days before I started the series and then a few times throughout as well. This is a “mauve infused taupe” that leans a little purple/grey on me. I am a huge fan of Bite products, especially the newer Amuse Bouche formula – the colors and pigmentation are excellent and the formula lasts for hours on me. When it does start to fade, I am left with a nice stain.

The other favorite has been on my nails for the last 4 weeks nonstop. Julep Rayma is a beautiful plum shade that lasts 4-5 days without chipping or fading. I love this as a seasonal transition shade – it is dark but the shade is still acceptable for daytime. Sadly I also managed to use a ton of it this month and will be featured in my September empties post.😦

There you go – another short and sweet monthly update. This month was all about purples so I can’t wait to see what October brings!

Have a happy October!

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This Week’s Lips #6

Happy Fall, y’all!

I’m sooo happy that it has finally cooled down and I can start wearing fall things again. Most of the time I’m trying figure out how to dress for work and my office is hot-cold-hot-cold… and it’s finally been comfortable. I have been alternating between cardigans and suit jackets and am not miserably hot. Weekends are far less complicated!

Along with the cooler weather, I’ve started adjusting my skincare routine and foundation – finally using less cream blush and shadows and moving back to my palates and such. It is definitely been a fun change!

Even with all of these changes, I’ve been in repeat mode with my lipstick. This will be just a quick rundown, as we have definitely seen these before!

MondayTom Ford Lip Color in Nude Vanille – and I didn’t heed my own advice… I should have exfoliated! To smooth it out, I topped it off with a quick swipe of L’Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Nude Ballet.

TuesdayBenefit Ultraplush Lipgloss in Sugarbomb – such an easy color to wear!

WednesdayGuerlain Rouge G in Gina – something had to make Wednesday tolerable… why not luxury lipstick?

Nude Ballet, Sugarbomb and Gina originally featured here.

Thursday – Le Métier de Beauté – VIP shade – I don’t know the actual name of this color – it was one of two shades received through the VIP Vault program. This is a beautiful, creamy neutral that is somewhat similar to the L’Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Nude Ballet, only with more pigmentation. This lasts about 6 hours without fading or settling into fine lines, with a slight reapplication needed after eating or drinking.

FridayYSL Rouge Pur in Venetian Rose – originally featured last week. I really love this shade and formula!



I plan to break out a few more fall shades in the upcoming weeks – browns, purples and darker pinks. Most of my winter wardrobe is black and grey so expect some more dramatic looks.

Have a great week!

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This Week’s Lips #5

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this weekly series. It has been interesting for me to pay more attention to the frequency (or infrequency) in which I use some colors. I also was once again reminded that I absolutely do not need any more lip products. There are days when I’m totally overwhelmed by what I have and feel like I need to focus on using up some specific things… and other days I want to use a shade sparingly because I will miss it when it is gone. Does anyone else think like that??



MondayBite Beauty BB for Lips in Tawny with MAC Dazzleglass in Moth to Flame – another repeat! See Week #1. I really love this combination. The BB is one of the things I will definitely miss when it is gone – it was discontinued a while ago and I found out way too late. I think there are probably some great color dupes out there, but not the formula. Bummer.

Tuesday – YSL Rouge Pur in Venetian Rose – this is a shade I’ve actually had for a while but have only worn once. I scored it for $5 at the L’Oréal company store several months ago. I love a good deal… I love a good deal on a luxury product. I felt like I couldn’t pull this off for some reason, but after giving it another chance I realized I loved the color! As an added bonus, the formula is dreamy – super hydrating and lasts for hours. The color is somewhat sheer, but buildable and really brightens up my face. I will be wearing this a lot more in the upcoming weeks!



Wednesday – Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Child – this has been a staple in my daily makeup bag for quite a while, but hasn’t gotten a lot of love lately. And yes, yet another pink-based nude in my collection. This is very pigmented neutral that is exceptionally glossy, without being shimmery. I feel like this is a nude that would look great on every skin tone.

FridayMAC Cremesheen Glass in Enchanter – this beautiful brown-based red made another appearance!

Notice something missing? I was home sick (AGAIN) Thursday.. UGH!

What did you wear this week? Any longtime favorites or rediscoveries?

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This Week’s Lips #4

Hello again!

Here we are in week 4 – and I’m still writing about my week in lipstick. This should not really surprise anyone who knows me. I just had a conversation in one of my friend group chats about my love for lipstick. It is possible that is just as deep as I get or I’m just really passionate about it. Then again, you are still here… reading my blog post about lipstick. So I think we understand each other.🙂

I decided to try and get some use out of a couple minis and samples to hopefully do some de-stashing in the next couple months.

Monday – Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked – for some reason I have never really worn this… and I’ve definitely been missing out. This is the old formula – I would be interested to compare with the new Vice formula to see if they wear similarly. The pigmentation is great – it doesn’t apply patchy or sheer out. This wears comfortably for 3-4 hours before it starts to settle in lip creases and needs reapplied.

Tuesday – Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Lipgloss – I believe this is the shade Allow Me or Love Drunk – can’t tell because the sticker fell off. This is a sheer, mauvy-pink with a lot of shimmer. If you look at it in the tube, it looks like there are huge chunks of glitter which I assure you do not appear when applied. This sheer gloss provides a nice wash of color with a lot of shine and the minty scent provides a nice pick me up in the afternoon.

Wednesday – Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Thistle – can’t stop, won’t stop.

Thursday – Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Nori – clearly, I love Bite products. Nori is a very pigmented brown based red. If last week’s brown-red (MAC Enchanter) was for those afraid of reds, I would advise those folks to steer clear! I find these formulas to be hydrating and long-lasting. After a second coffee and lunch, I only needed a light touch up to make the color last the remainder of the work day. Even then, my lips still had a color stain when I went to remove my makeup at 10 pm.

Friday – MAC Matte Lipstick in Strip Me Down – this is the lone shade from the collaboration with Taraji P. Henson – this is described as a “deeptone beige,” but I feel it has much more depth than that. I feel like it sits on the line of coral/rust-toned on me. This definitely changed up a week of pink. I realize this is a matte formula, but I found it to be very drying. It wore several hours, but somewhat uncomfortably… A light layer of clear gloss really helped.


Saturday – Tarteist Lip Paint in Rave – I took this out for a daytime spin this time. We decided to get out of the house on a rainy Saturday and go antiquing. So Rave seemed totally appropriate! If you follow me on Instagram (@lvp8779) you saw it in this photo with an amazing vintage Dior hat. You also might have witnessed some really odd vintage furs with faces.🙂

What did you wear this week? Are you getting excited about the release of holiday collections and limited edition shades?

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This Week’s Lips #3

Cheeeers to the freakin weekend!

I don’t know about you all, but I’m seriously exhausted for it being a 4-day week. My work life was a bit crazy this week and on top of it, I’ve been battling some ongoing chronic health stuff. We’re on week 2 of fatigue, stomach pain and constant medication. It’s been just GREAT.

As a pick me up, I decided to revisit my favorite and absolute comfort lipstick, while revisiting a couple other familiar shades. So here we go:

Sunday and Monday – I continued to wear the shit out of Bite Thistle.

Tuesday – MAC Viva Glam V – this is probably my all-time favorite and most used lipstick. Featured a while back in my Top 5 Lip Products post, this has been a staple in my makeup bag for over a decade. This is a more brown-based pink neutral with a hint of shimmer. I’ve worn this with virtually every possible color combination and it looks great.

Wednesday – MAC Cremesheen Glass in Enchanter – this was part of the Faerie Whispers collection that launched right after Christmas 2015. I loved everything in this collection! This was the standout lip product for me – I actually bought a backup, but just realized that this is still available online! This is so different than any other gloss I own – it’s a brown-based red with a hint of shimmer. The gloss itself is very sheer but looks very dark in the tube – it’s a bit deceiving. If you want to try a red but are afraid to commit to a more pigmented shade, give this a chance!


ThursdayBite Beauty BB for Lips in Tawny with MAC Dazzleglass in Moth to Flame – the first repeat! See Week #1.

FridayBenefit Ultraplush Lipgloss in Sugarbombthe second repeat! See Week #1.

I hope you all are enjoying this weekly series. It is making me focus more on how often I actually wear some products… and perhaps serve as a reminder that I don’t need to buy anything else!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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This Week’s Lips #2

Hello again!

I feel like I’ve been a blogging machine lately! I went from 2-3 posts a month to 3 posts in a week. Not sure what happened, but apparently I have a bit more to say these days!

So here is the second installment of my weekly review of the shades I wore over the last several days. The last post featured Monday-Friday – I really only used a lip balm over the weekend. I was home sick Monday and didn’t leave my couch much less put on lipstick… which is why we start with:

Tuesday – Perricone MD No Lipgloss Lipgloss – it says it is not a lipgloss, yet it is. So sneaky. It actually is a lightweight, hydrating, neutral pink gloss. The color does not fade or feather and it keeps my lips feeling great for hours.

Wednesday – NARS Lip Gloss in Orgasm – I just revisited this for the first time in months. The formula is a bit heavy, but it stays on for hours. It is a peachy, orangy pink with a lot of shimmer – it seems like a lot of shine at first but wears beautifully throughout the day.

Thursday – NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien and Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain – these NARS pencils last forever… I have barely made a dent in this one and just sharpened it for the first time in the year that I’ve had it.. This is (yet another) light pink color – very much a my lips but better shade. This might be one of my favorite formulas out there – really smooth and stays on for 4-5 hours. I wanted to test out this Manna Kadar gloss sample so added a light coat on top. The colors match perfectly, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the formula – it is a bit dry. I will try it again as a base.

Friday Day – Tom Ford Lip Color in Nude Vanille – Tom Ford nailed nude lipstick shades. This is a very pigmented peachy-nude. A couple swipes provides full-coverage for 4-5 hours. This does tend to settle in lip lines, so it helps to freshen it up with a clear gloss or balm after morning coffee.🙂

Friday Night – Tarteist Lip Paint in Rave – this is hands down the boldest color I’ve ever worn! I wanted to give this a true test and wear out for some drinks with friends. I applied one coat, cleaned up the edges and then filled in a couple more spots. After two glasses of wine and lots of talking, Rave hardly faded and had zero feathering. There was one light spot from using a straw, but it overall didn’t budge in 4 hours – it was actually really hard to remove! The swatch is a bit deceiving – it looked very charcoal grey on my lips. But I have to say that I LOVE this color and formula.


Saturday – Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Thistle – Bite lists this as a “mauve infused taupe” but this leans a bit more taupe-grey on me. Much like the Tarte Rave, this is another shade that I wouldn’t typically wear but really, really like! In typical Amuse Bouche fashion, this is super hydrating and lasts for hours. The pigmentation is excellent and a little goes a long way!


What did you wear this week?

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Use It: August 2016 Empties

Hello again!
August always seems like the longest month, but this one just flew! I survived my birthday month – I actually didn’t age this year… it was amazing. I don’t foresee aging any upcoming birthdays either.🙂

I had zero empties the first couple weeks of the month and just assumed I would be waiting until the end of September to write this post. But mid-month, I started finishing up a bunch of products and all of a sudden I had a massive pile… I don’t see this as a bad thing. I have a ton of products open, not open and backups of many. After tossing a few things and getting their replacements, I actually made a significant dent in one of my drawers. Little victories!

As usual, everything is broken down into one of the following categories: skincare, makeup, body, hair and lifestyle. Sample reviews are posted frequently to my Instagram (@lvp8779) as they are used.


Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge – I bought this one in a pinch. It’s great, but I know there are so many cleansing sponges that do the same job for 1/4 of the price. Available at Sephora for $15.


MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose – if you read my blog regularly, you know that I just love, love, love this. This is just a perfect pink highlighter that works so well under your eyes and just as well on cheeks or forehead. I will definitely repurchase! Available online or at MAC counters or freestanding stores for $27 for 0.12oz.

Stila Lip Glaze in Mango Berry – this was a beautiful, sheer coral shade. It wasn’t until half way through this when I remembered that I despise the applicator – it is so messy and you can never dispense enough so then you get too much and it gets all over the lid. Loved the color, but will not repurchase any of these again! Mango Berry is no longer available, but a similar shade called Tangerine is available at Sephora for $222 for 0.08oz.

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara – Birchbox just looooves this brand. The applicator is one of the best I’ve ever used – short and coated the whole lash. The formula, however is a bit of a miss. It coated the lashes, but it didn’t thicken or lengthen… it was a very natural look. I do tend to prefer a bit more drama in a mascara. Available on Birchbox.com for $22 at 0.23oz.


Kamill Aloe Hand and Nail Cream – this was a nice, lightweight lotion. It was good for spring and summer months, but just wasn’t hydrating enough for cold weather months. The aloe scent was a bit strong, but faded after a while. I would love to test out some of the other scents! Available at smallflower.com for $4.95 for 100ml.

Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant and Deodorant Cream – yet another one… this is just the absolute best deodorant. It is unscented, dries quickly and lasts 24 hours – so great! I have gone through so many of these and am about to stock up on more. Available on kiehls.com for $19.50 for 2.5oz.

LUSH Rose Jam – this is my all-time favorite Lush product. Why isn’t this a lotion? Or a perfume? It is just SO GOOD. Not only does it smell amazing, it is hydrating as well as gentle on your skin. This is only available at certain times of the year. When you see it, grab it! Available at Lush for $9.95 for 3.3oz.


Alterna Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend in Mango Coconut – this claims to be free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic color.. ok so I want to know what chemical it smells like because this stinks. It might be a “natural” dry shampoo but it smells like mangoes and chemicals and I had to leave the room that I would spray it in. I originally got this in a Sephora dry shampoo kit but can no longer find it on the website… guess I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

Davines LOVE Shampoo – I just love this shampoo. It’s deep cleansing, smoothing and smells amazing. It I actually needed to buy shampoo, this would be it. available at Birchbox.com for $25 for 5oz.

Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo – this is awful. I only used this a couple times because it left my hair feeling really heavy and oily. By the end of the day it would look horrible – super greasy and unwashed. I don’t know what hair this is meant for, but definitely not mine. Available at kiehls.com for $7 for 2.5oz.

Not Your Mother’s Knotty to Nice Conditioning Detangler – such a long name… This came in an Allure box a while ago – it was perfectly fine. I don’t frequently find much difference between detanglers – either they work or they don’t, right? I would repurchase I guess. Available at Ulta and Amazon for $6.99 for 6oz.


Julep Clean Slate Polish Remover Pads – I know I reviewed these at some point a long time ago. I feel like I really have to work to get the polish off with these pads. The liquid evaporates very quickly so you can only really use 1 per hand. Given the cost, I can’t see how people use these all the time. Available at Julep.com and now Ulta for $14 for 10.

Ruffian Nail Color in Rosary – this is a lovely warm, rose gold shade with a lot of shimmer. I did not like the applicator brush because it collected very little polish to apply… however, you really didn’t need much to fully cover the nail. I usually use 2 coats but 1 would be sufficient. I wouldn’t repurchase because I have a ton of nail polish and it is actually crazy expensive.. like more than twice as much as Chanel ($28 for 0.40z). I got this in a Birchbox, definitely wouldn’t shell out this much. Available on Birchbox.com for $24 for 0.17oz.

Total products used 2016 year to date:

Skincare: 10

Body: 16

Hair: 13

Makeup/face: 20

other: 4

Nails: 8

Samples: 27

Sheet masks: 9

Month total: $184.39

Year total: $1,026.11 WHOA!

What did you finish up this month? Any favorites? Non-favorites?

Have a great September!

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