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Use It: March 2018 Empties

Hello everyone!

Since my February empties were so late in the month, I probably should have just waited and combined them. Oh well… I can’t win sometimes.

This was another low-use, but high-value month. As I mentioned previously, I’m really trying to focus on using up a lot of  things that I’ve opened and tested or are half-used. I don’t need 20 open body washes or 4 foundations at once. It’s ridiculous and wasteful. I feel like I have definitely made some progress, but still have a long way to go!

Going to do this run down in alphabetical order again for March:

Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream – this moisturizer has an interesting bouncy texture. This is a nice, light moisturizer that doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and a little goes a very long way. If it had SPF, I would consider purchasing. Full size available at Sephora for $75 for 1oz.

Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe SPF 18 in Shade 1 – this is considered a Tinted Luminizer, but I use as a sheer foundation when my skin isn’t acting crazy. Shade 1 is peach-toned, which gives me an extra boost of color. Being so fair, I really have to blend in at the neckline. I tried using under foundation as well as mixing with some foundation, but I found that this worked much better on its own. I am not sure if I will repurchase. I am currently using the 2oz tube in shade 2, which is even warmer. I will decide what to do when I finish that one. Available at lemetierdebeaute.com for $125 for 1oz. Yes. ONE OUNCE.

L’Oréal Root Cover Up in Red – this is definitely a frequent flier on the empties list. I use this regularly as my roots grow out between color treatments. I have at least 2-3 backups of this. Available at Ulta for $10.99 for 2oz.

Matrix Biologe Moisturizing Hand Cream – I don’t know if this was a test product or a permanent release… obviously the packaging is a little odd, so I’m thinking a test product? I haven’t seen this on the shelves anywhere yet. This was fine. Nothing spectacular aside from it smelling like my favorite Biolage shampoo. I found this a while back at the L’Oréal Company Store for $3.

NYX Matte Blotting Papers – shocker… I use these every day. Available at Ulta for $5.99 for 100 sheets.

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream – this sample is deceiving – I started using in February and lasted well into March. It certainly gave a good amount to test! I really liked this – it absorbed so quickly and left nothing on my skin. No oily feeling, no dampness to the touch… just wonderfully hydrated skin. I would consider despite not having SPF. Full size available at Sephora for $22 for 0.67oz.

Philosophy Candy Cane Shower Gel – this is a great, crisp peppermint cleanser. You can use all of their products as a shampoo also, but I tend to just stick with a shower gel. I particularly love using this after going to the gym or on a hot summer day. There is just something about it that feels so cooling. If I don’t have another one in my stash, I will probably purchase again when it becomes available around the holidays. Available at Ulta for $18 for 16oz.

Saint Augustine and Suds Cedar Mint Bath Bomb – I found some more stashed away! What a fun surprise! I know I have mentioned before – they have a 5-8 minute fizz time and leave my skin feeling so soft. Rumor has it that she might start making these regularly again. Please?? Available by request for $6 or $7.

Saint Augustine and Suds Orange Peppermint Lip Balm – this was so nice. Crisp and refreshing with a bit of citrus zest. And it lasted forever. I would definitely repurchase! This was around $6 I think?

Short and sweet!

Here’s the 2018 total:

Skincare: 3

Body: 6

Hair: 1

Makeup/face: 6

other: 4

Nails: 2

Samples: 3

Sheet masks: 1

Total Products used: 26

Month total: $204.73

2018 total: $585.17  (approximately)

WOW! I know this is partially due to my interest in insanely priced foundations… But I promise that I have dialed it back!!

What did you use up this month? Anything that is a must on your repurchase list?

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Use It: July and August 2017 Empties

Happy September!

I hope everyone had a wonderful late summer! I finally caught a break in my personal life – we took a much needed vacation to Iceland and then I spent a few days in my second home of Washington, D.C. I am really bad about using my PTO, but made it an absolute priority lately. I finally feel that I have reclaimed some control in my life. I also just booked my next vacation. 🙂

So here we goooo! This was a fairly productive couple months, so I’ll be breaking everything down by type: skin care, makeup, body, hair and lifestyle/other. Sample reviews are posted to my Instagram (@lvp8779) as they are used.


Avène Gentle Gel Cleanser – this might be the most perfect, gentle cleanser out there. This has no scent and removes dirt and oil without stripping moisture from my skin. I love using this with a konjac sponge first thing in the morning. One of my friends brought this back from Europe for me and I have yet to find it in the US. She is headed back in September and it is definitely on my wish list. Available at Boots for approximately $12-$15 (US) for 6.76oz.

Avène Thermal Spring Water – as I mentioned in my summer favorites post, I really love facial mists – toner, spring water.. you name it, I want it. This has been my overall favorite – I like to use after the gym or on really warm mornings. It is a hydrating mist that calms my angry skin. I have already repurchased the giant size of this! Available at Blue Mercury for $9 for 1.76oz.

Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Cleansing Foam – this stuff is sooo good. I reviewed another mini before and I still love it. This removes any traces of eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed. I love everything in this skincare line! The full-size is 4.2oz and runs about $105 (YIKES!). I would seriously consider the splurge…

Le Métier de Beauté Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Night Crème  – Oh. Em. Gee. This… Wow. Let me be very clear that I didn’t purchase this – this was sent from the lovely folks at LMDB a while back through a conversation on Instagram. And you know why I didn’t purchase? Because this bad boy is $350. That freaks me out a little.. ok, a lot. This night crème is amazing. This is loaded with retinol and Coenzyme Q10 that repairs and refreshes skin. This was incredibly hydrating and left my skin feeling like I just had a facial. Is it worth it? Yes. Will I purchase? I don’t knowwww… Halp. Available at Neiman’s for $350 for 1oz. Yes. ONE OUNCE.

Skyn Iceland The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion – I actually started this before we went to Iceland, sorry this was not a travel purchase! This is a really nice gel moisturizer – it worked so well during the summer months. It provided great hydration without leaving my skin greasy. I would definitely consider repurchasing. Full size available at Ulta for $45 for 1.76oz.


bareMinerals Touch Up Veil in Translucent – hey – remember this from my failed project pan? I have forced myself to use this off and on for an eternity. I ended up hating it… I also hate wasting things. So I sucked it up and finished it off. I did not find it to leave a great finish on my skin. Within just a couple hours, I felt really shiny. I’m not even going to look up the cost and where you can find it.

NYX Matte Blotting Paper – another one bites the dust. Available at Ulta for $5.99 for 100 sheets.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – look, I had another little one stashed away! I do like this, but as I mentioned last time, I really prefer the MAC Fix+. I will probably not repurchase. Full size available at Ulta for $15 for 1oz.


Ahava Mineral Body Lotion – I’ve missed having this in my routine! It was nice to find a mini to take on all of my travels the last couple months. I love the way this smells and how my skin feels after using it. I will repurchase and repurchase as long as they continue to make it! Full size available at Blue Mercury for $29 for 8.5oz.

LUSH Whoosh Shower Jelly – I have used several of these – this is such a fun product. Lush makes some great stuff, but this is by far one of my favorites. I love this bright, citrus scent and how can you not love the jello-like texture? I will purchase this over and over again. Available at Lush for $8.95 for 3.5oz.


Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – I’ve gone through several of these minis now and every time I can do nothing but rave about it. It absorbs oil quickly, doesn’t leave a white cast and smells so good. I will definitely splurge on the full size at some point! Available at Sephora or birchbox.com for $10 for 1oz.

Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo – I’ve said this before and I will say it again..  I love Fekkai products, but I don’t love the price. This is cleanses so well and is incredibly gentle on color treated hair. I do have a full-size of this that I will break into soon! Available at Target for $4.99 for 2oz.


Bath and Body Works PocketBac in Perfect Beach Day – can this be a permanent scent? This smells like sunscreen and pina coladas. Yes, please. Available for $1.75 for 1oz.

Julep Nail Color in Julep – this is another crème polish that lasts 4-5 days. This was a beautiful color – the actual Julep brand shade that was released in 2015. The issue I have with Julep polishes it that there seems to always be quite a bit left in the bottle. It is very difficult to finish based on the design and as it gets down to the bottom portion, it gets really clumpy. There are so many polishes out there, that I will probably not repurchase any of the Julep shades when I finally finish them all off. Available at Julep for $14 for 0.27oz.

Total products used 2017:

Skincare: 22

Body: 12

Hair: 14

Makeup/face: 18

other: 7

Nails: 8

Samples: 16

Sheet masks: 1

Month total: $463.68   (approximately)

Year total: $1,475.48

And can we agree to not talk about my spending? If I went off the rails earlier this year, then I don’t know what you call my Nordstrom sale experience or my adventures at the VIB Rouge holiday preview. Shh.. don’t tell!

So there you have it! I promise to get back to regular blogging soon!

What did you use up the last couple months? Any favorites?

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Use It: June 2017 Empties

Hello again!
How on earth is June over? I cannot believe that half a year is gone at the blink of an eye. My personal has been really stressful the last several weeks – lots of stuff that I don’t feel like sharing with the world (sorry…). On the flip side, work is great and I’m enjoying daily creative work. My animals are geriatric and hate the heat, but are muddling through with wagging tails and smiles. They are just the best.

I’m trying to focus on using up a few key things – older body products, foundations and a few specific makeup things that need to get used or go in the trash. Given the shameful amount I spent on all of this stuff, the option I prefer is to use it up. I’m going to go alphabetically again this month due to the lower volume. As always, sample reviews can be found on my Instagram (@lvp8779).

Here we go:

Ahava Dead Sea Essentials Refreshing Body Spa Towelettes in Hydrating Hibiscus – these had a really lovely, light scent – not overpowering or too floral. I loved using these after a trip to the gym or after work on a really hot day. Sadly, I think these have been discontinued, hence the Target clearance sticker. So sad… I would repurchase. Target – $2.08 for 28 wipes.

Algenist Splash Hydrating Setting Mist – ok so maybe the packaging does not explicitly say this, my beauty sleuthing skills came in handy for this one. I received this and a couple other products from The Pink Panel a while back, this was rediscovered during my bathroom renovation. I remembered I liked it while I was testing it for the study, but then was quickly reminded how much I love face mists in the summer. I used this as a toner – after washing my face in the morning, I sprayed a few pumps over my face before daily serums. This was really cooling and hydrating. I would consider purchasing if it wasn’t for the price – it’s a bit steep and there are some great mists out there. Available at Sephora for $35 for 4oz.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Porcelain and Sheer Finish Loose Powder in White – I know I have talked about this before – this is a long-discontinued design from Bobbi Brown. The two products stacked was brilliant, however now they put side by side in a small compact. This makes no sense – you get powder in the concealer and the powder is pressed vs. loose. It is so problematic. I think I have one more old design stashed away… Once that is gone, I will probably not repurchase. As I’m getting older (sigh), I find that the concealer settles in the creases around my eyes throughout the morning. I do love the coverage though… don’t count it out down the road! Side by side kit available at Nordstrom for $37.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara – this was so nice to revisit! I used this a couple years back and discovered I had another mini in my stash. As I mentioned in a previous post, this really separated and provided lots of volume to my lashes. I feel like it coated each lash and provided a ton of definition. Farewell, good friend! I would definitely repurchase! Full size available at Nordstrom for $30.

Julep Nail Color in Kelsey – this was an odd peachy shade. I tried to make this work several times and the last time I wore it I just scowled at my nails all day. I really disliked how it looked with my skin color. Will not repurchase. Available at Julep for $14 for 0.27oz.

Le Métier de Beauté Classic Flawless Finish Foundation in Shade 1 – I finally finished a foundation – it has been ages! This is medium to full coverage foundation that hides blemishes and evens out skin tone. This was great during the fall/winter/early spring months. This does not work well for me in warmer weather. This was a good shade match, however as it aged it did oxidize a bit and left my skin a bit sallow. I think there are a lot of great foundations out there… so I probably won’t revisit this one again. Available at Neiman’s for $68 for 1oz.

MAC PowerPoint Eye Pencil in Stubborn Brown – oh man… remember this from my Project Pan  a while back? Well, I lost it at some point during the project and then found it a few months later. Then I lost it again and recovered it during the infamous bathroom renovation. I tried to make it work and it is just done – it was too dry at this point to really use. This is my favorite style of MAC eyeliner, so I would probably purchase again at some point. Stubborn Brown is a rich, chocolaty shade that works well on any skin tone. Available online and MAC counters for $17 for 0.04oz.

MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder – this is the most versatile setting powder I’ve used in a long time. It is incredibly lightweight and keeps my makeup from creasing and helps keep shine at bay for a few hours. I would definitely repurchase. Available online and MAC counters for $27 for 0.32oz.

Mally Volumizing Mascara – this was terrible. The formula was so dry I couldn’t even get it to coat my lashes. I used it on one eye and then tossed it in the Use It bin. Bummer. Available at Ulta for $20 for 0.39oz.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Sabbath – I love this pencil. It took an hour of swatching to find the perfect navy liner and this was the winner – a rich, heavily pigmented navy blue that doesn’t lean purple or grey. This really does last all day. After the latest round of work-related pink eye, I am retiring this. I know where to find it and will probably repurchase soon. Available at Ulta for $20 for 0.04oz.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – this is great – a few spritzes and makeup does not budge. I feel like this definitely extends the wear time of my makeup, specifically eye makeup, in the summer. However, I do prefer the MAC Fix+. I would probably circle back around to this again though. Available at Ulta for $15 for 1oz.

Short and sweet. Lots of makeup this month – wow!

Total products used 2017:

Skincare: 17

Body: 10

Hair: 12

Makeup/face: 15

other: 6

Nails: 7

Samples: 13

Sheet masks: 1

Month total: $245.08   (approximately)

Year total: $1,011.80

At the end of December 2016, I used up a total value of $1,570.80. If I keep up this pace, I might hit $2,000… I am shaking my head at that… I can’t believe how much I’ve spent over the years. Ugh.

I’m not even going to talk about what I purchased this month… I did some retail therapy. That’s all I’m saying.

I look forward to hopefully getting a few more posts up soon. I realize I’ve really been slacking. There has been a lot going on personally and I hope to step it up in the second half of the year.

Enjoy the rest of July!

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This Week’s Lips #8

Hello again!

Finally getting back to normal and my regularly scheduled post about lipstick. You’re welcome 😉

MondayPerricone MD No Lipgloss Lipgloss – this tends to be my weekend go-to shade and an occasional weekday color. Monday was rough so I kept it pretty simple.

Tuesday – MAC Satin Lipstick in Verve – this is one of those classic great shades that I love to have in my collection. This is a great plummy/mauve-brown shade that wears beautifully. This is very buildable and I like to build up a couple coats, which wears evenly for 4-5 hours.

Wednesday (and Friday night) – Tom Ford Lips and Boys in GuillermoGuillermo is like the ridiculously expensive dupe of Verve. This leans a bit more plum than brown and I loooooove it. I have been holding out using this… I finally broke down and opened up the packaging and have been using it quite a bit over the last couple weeks. While the Lips and Boys lipsticks are much smaller, it is still the same satin formula that wears for about 6 hours.

ThursdayTom Ford Lip Color in Nude Vanille – it just keeps showing up every couple weeks. I love this color. I wore red eyeshadow (seriously… red) and wanted to balance it out – this shade was perfect.

Friday (day)Le Métier de Beauté – VIP shade – originally featured here. This wears comfortably for hours. It can easily be worn over any other lip product, but I do like to wear it on its own most of the time.

I really love transitioning to fall.. darker lip and eye shades, switching to a deeper blush and my clothing changing to cashmere and layers. I feel like this is definitely my season!

What are some of your fall go-to shades? What did you wear this past week?

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This Week’s Lips #7

Happy Sunday!

I took a hiatus last week due to some personal stuff. I usually write down the first few days on Wednesday and finish the post Saturday or Sunday. By Wednesday, I was already swamped and completely overwhelmed so the post never even was drafted. This past week was a bit better so I’m going to try and stay on top of it going forward.

Monday – MAC Lipglass in Seducing Sound – this was released a couple summers ago as part of the Alluring Aquatic collection, which was maybe one of my favorites from the last decade. This is a beautiful, shimmery brown/copper/plum sheer nude shade. That sounds loaded, I know but it is the best way to describe it. This doesn’t have enough shimmer for it to be considered to be a Dazzleglass, but more than a typical Cremesheen. I always snag a spare at a CCO if I find it!

Tuesday – Lancôme Le Rouge Absolu in Crème de Marron – I’m really surprised to see that this is the first time this has been mentioned in this series. This is yet another brown-nude shade in my collection. Are you noticing a trend? I love the formula of the Le Rouge Absolu – very hydrating and lasts for several hours. I want more of these in my life!

Wednesday – Tarte Lippie Lingerie in Revealed and L’Oréal Colour Riche Lipstick in Eva’s Nude – ok I have to start this by saying that Lippie Lingerie is a really terrible name.. however, this color is phenomenal. It’s a beautiful red-hued brown shade that has applies like a dream and stays put for hours. I chickened out a bit as I walked out the door for work and applied a layer of Eva’s Nude over it to mute the shade a bit. The combination of the two worked very well together, the combined shades made it look quite similar to Tuesday’s Lancôme shade.



ThursdayLe Métier de Beauté Hydra Crème Lipstick in MoroccoI was really dragging by Thursday and decided to punch it up a bit with a great daytime red. This leans a bit pink/blue, but it is very subtle. This is quite different from the Guerlain Rouge G in Gina, which leans more orange. What I love about this shade is that while it is sheer, it can be built up to a full-coverage, bold shade.

Friday – NYX Chunky Dunk in Hibiscus Tea Punch – ok if Lippie Lingerie was terrible, Chunky Dunk is just the worst. Seriously, NYX? WTF. I think they changed the name after the release of this because it was so awful. Names aside, this is a fantastic product. This is a sheer pink-beige shade with decent pigmentation. This is not as long lasting as some of the other NYX formulas, but this feels more like a balm and is easy to reapply. I love how hydrating this is and I should be wearing this much more often!!


Saturday – MAC Matte Lip Color in Eugenie and Burberry Lip Mist in No. 206 Blueberry Eugenie on its own is tough… It’s a beautiful shade but really difficult to wear as a matte – it clumps, pulls and settles in every small line. It feels really dry and no amount of exfoliation makes it feel comfortable. When it is layered with Blueberry, it becomes a beautiful, deep cranberry shade that wears perfectly. Blueberry alone is a sheer, hydrating lip color that lasts for hours. The color in the tube is quite deceiving – it truly looks like the shade of smashed blueberries on your lips.

As I was writing this post, I realized that I am becoming less and less loyal to any specific brand. While my color preferences deviate very little, my expectation for performance is still high. I don’t particularly care if a product is $5 or $45, as long as it is a quality product, I’m content.

How have your preferences changed over the years? Do you find yourself becoming more open to different brands or are you becoming more loyal to just a couple of companies?

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This Week’s Lips #6

Happy Fall, y’all!

I’m sooo happy that it has finally cooled down and I can start wearing fall things again. Most of the time I’m trying figure out how to dress for work and my office is hot-cold-hot-cold… and it’s finally been comfortable. I have been alternating between cardigans and suit jackets and am not miserably hot. Weekends are far less complicated!

Along with the cooler weather, I’ve started adjusting my skincare routine and foundation – finally using less cream blush and shadows and moving back to my palates and such. It is definitely been a fun change!

Even with all of these changes, I’ve been in repeat mode with my lipstick. This will be just a quick rundown, as we have definitely seen these before!

MondayTom Ford Lip Color in Nude Vanille – and I didn’t heed my own advice… I should have exfoliated! To smooth it out, I topped it off with a quick swipe of L’Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Nude Ballet.

TuesdayBenefit Ultraplush Lipgloss in Sugarbomb – such an easy color to wear!

WednesdayGuerlain Rouge G in Gina – something had to make Wednesday tolerable… why not luxury lipstick?

Nude Ballet, Sugarbomb and Gina originally featured here.

Thursday – Le Métier de Beauté – VIP shade – I don’t know the actual name of this color – it was one of two shades received through the VIP Vault program. This is a beautiful, creamy neutral that is somewhat similar to the L’Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Nude Ballet, only with more pigmentation. This lasts about 6 hours without fading or settling into fine lines, with a slight reapplication needed after eating or drinking.

FridayYSL Rouge Pur in Venetian Rose – originally featured last week. I really love this shade and formula!



I plan to break out a few more fall shades in the upcoming weeks – browns, purples and darker pinks. Most of my winter wardrobe is black and grey so expect some more dramatic looks.

Have a great week!

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Top Posts of 2015

Hello everyone!

It is time to start wrapping up 2015… can you believe it? I decided to try and get a jump on the calendar a bit and start working on some reviews.

So there have been a few changes over the last couple months – mainly a big job switch. I’ve gone from traveling 2-3 times a month and a lengthy commute, to a no-travel job with a 3 minute commute. There is lots of great transition so hopefully that will start to show in blog productivity in 2016.

In looking at my WordPress analytics, I was really surprised to see some of my 2013-2014 posts taking the top spot… maybe I shouldn’t be? I think my favorite thing is looking at my top countries – 1 US, 2 Germany (wie gehts), 3 Canada, 4 U.K. and 5 France (merci!).

Top read blog posts (eliminating Home/About Me):

#5 – October Le Métier de Beauté VIP Vault posted 10/13/14

#4 – MAC Magnetic Nudes Review posted 12/30/13 – seriously? I love that this is still so popular! This was one of my most favorite MAC launches ever!

#3 – August Le Métier de Beauté VIP Vault posted 8/23/14

#2 – Upcoming Beauty Event with Le Métier de Beauté posted 2/15/15


#1 – MAC Prep + Prime CC Review 2/26/14 – yes, February 2014.. you all must love my explanation of color theory!

I can’t than you all enough for sticking with me the last 2 years. I feel like I have found a great network in the blogging community and can’t wait to see where the next year takes us!

Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for my top picks of 2015!


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June Le Métier de Beauté VIP Vault

Here we are, friends. The next to last month of the Le Métier de Beauté VIP Vault. I’m really sad to be so close to the end.

As usual, I am behind in getting this post up… so this lovely box has been sitting on my dining room table for a month. That also might say something about the amount of products I have lying around…

The June shipment had one, very fantastic item – the new Instant Line Perfecting Serum, a exclusive preview for VIP members. Oh my goodness. Folks, LMdB skincare is ridiculously good. The downside? It’s ridiculously expensive.

Here’s the scoop:

Upon applying the Instant Line Perfecting Serum, you will feel the heat activated serum begin to tighten and firm the skin, visibly smoothing the skin right in front of your eyes.


Apply prior to moisturizer, morning and/or evening.

Use gentle massage motions, working under and around the eyes and eyelids to start.

Great to use for filling fine lines and wrinkles to smooth the lip and perioral area.”

The lovely ladies at Makeup Talk suggested linking to the Dermstore website for the full details:

What it is:
A heat-activated serum that fights new and existing lines and wrinkles.

What it’s used for:
Within seconds of applying Le Metier de Beaute Instant Line Perfecting Serum, you’ll feel a warming sensation and feel your skin lifting and tightening. Here’s how it works: darutoside heals damaged, dry and irritated cells to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Rhizobian gum tightens and tones to minimize the depth of lines and wrinkles while caffeine evens your skin tone by stimulating circulation to reduce puffiness and redness.

Hyaluronic acid ensures proper moisture retention to keep your skin plump, supple and soft while antioxidants and vitamin E repel free radicals and environmental pollutants. Citric acid sheds dead cells and naturally adjusts your pH level to keep your complexion perfectly balanced throughout the day.


Tocopheryl Phosphate, Caffeine, Darutoside, Hydrolyzed Rhizobian Gum, Butylene Glycol, Hyaluronic Acid, Silanetriol, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Sorbic Acid, Capryly Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol.

Suggested use:

Ideal for these Concerns: Aging Skin

Ideal for these Skin Types: Mature Skin, All Skin Types, Aging Skin, Loss of Firmness, Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Ingredient: Vitamin E, Antioxidants, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Hyaluronic Acid
Skin Care: Treatments Serums
Application Area: Face
Treatments & Serums: Face Serum
Preferences: Fragrance-Free, Paraben-Free
Gender: Unisex
Dermstore states that this item will be coming soon and a listed price of $150 (1.7oz). We received a 1oz product that would probably be priced around $90-100.
This is definitely one of the higher valued items received in the last year. Wow! I’m currently finishing up a couple serums and will add this to the rotation very soon!

Previous months:

– August – After Dark Total Kaleidoscope valued at $95

– September – Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe valued at $175

– October – Goldfinger Kaleidoscope Palette valued at $95

– November – Lip liner set valued at $135.50

– December – two limited edition VIP eye shadows valued at $60

– January – blush and kabuki brush valued at $115

– February – The Romeo and Juliet, Blushing Bronzed Duet valued at $65

– March – Glow Your Own Way lip gloss duo valued at $68

– April – VIP eye shadow and old nail polish valued at $60

– May – Galore Six Fashion Palette value unknown

Total VIP program value to date: $958.50

What is the LMdB VIP Vault?

“It is Here the 2014 VIP Program! Consider yourself a VIP.

Become a member of the LMdB Beauty Vault VIP Program. Gift it to yourself or gift it to a friend. We promise: you won’t be disappointed. Liberate your inner Beauté and share the discovery of something beautiful every month.

How it works:

For a one-time fee of $348 ($29 dollars a month, for 12 months), become a Beauty Vault VIP. At the beginning of each month, our Le Métier de Beauté experts will send you a carefully curated full-sized product or assortment of products shipped right to your door. As an added bonus, Vault VIP Subscription shipping is free. All you have to do is sign up and anticipate 12 exciting months of LMdB surprises. Savor the perks of insider access, and start discovering beauty with us.

  • One full-sized item or an assortment of items shipped to you at the beginning of every month
  • Curated mix of our favorite Color, Skincare, Pre-release Sneak Peaks, Lab Previews, and Vault Exclusives
  • Shipping is free
  • Share your feedback, we want to get to know you better”

Have you tried this VIP item yet? What are your thoughts?

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Use It – May 2015

Happy June everyone!

May was such an interesting month – it was hot, it rained, it was cold, it rained and then got super hot. Oh, and it rained… Isn’t that supposed to happen in April? And flowers in May? Whatever… my flowers are clearly not making an appearance until mid-June.

If you follow me on Instagram (@lvp8779), you know that I’m participating in the #sampledout challenge. While there is no way I will be sample free by 2016, I hope to make a significant dent. This is my declaration before you read through this post and ask “why so many samples?” I’m tracking on Instagram, but reviewing here. I feel like I can give a more thorough review and list the prices and where to find, should you care to track it down.

In keeping with the last several months, everything is broken down into one of the following categories: skincare, makeup, body, hair and lifestyle.


EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge – I go through so many of these.. The recommendation is to change every 3 months, but can only go 1-2 before being kind of gross (in my opinion). This can be found at Ulta for $5.99 – keep an eye out for the buy 1, get 50% off deals!

La Fresh Travel-lite Makeup Remover Wipe – this one is a favorite – it removes makeup so well and is incredibly gentle. I snag these at Holiday Inns every time I stay and always try to grab extras. These are available on the Birchbox website for $1.99 for a 3-pack.

Le Métier de Beauté Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Night Crème – this is probably the most luxe moisturizer I have ever used. I was testing out some new products through Influenster and they made me break out terribly. After using this day and night for 2 days, my face completely healed and there was no sign of a break out anywhere. This stuff is magic. It was super emollient, but not greasy and I was able to wear during the day and under makeup without becoming greasy or having a heavy feeling. I would definitely buy the full size if it wasn’t for the fact it cost $350… that is not a typo. It is available at Neiman’s or Barneys for $350 for 1oz.

Murad Acne Clearing Solution – I’ve already reviewed this like 5 times… I love this and have a couple more samples. If I ever run out, I would buy it! Available at Sephora and the Murad website for $39 for 1.7 oz.

Ole Henriksen Truth to Go Wipes – these smelled lovely, but they kind of burned my face. I have mixed feelings on face wipes and these didn’t help win me over. They did a decent job removing makeup but I could not use this on my eyes. I received this particular package forever ago in an ipsy bag and cannot seem to find them on a lot of sites… maybe others weren’t fans either? I would not purchase, but if you wish to, I did find them on Amazon for $34 for the 30-count package.

Yes to Carrots Nourishing Repairing Night Cream – this was perfect for winter. It is thick, incredibly hydrating and helps repair from the harsh, dry air. I did use this through the spring just to use it up and it was just too heavy. it worked incredibly well but I woke up feeling really greasy. I would use this again in a heartbeat – but only in the winter! Available at Ulta, Walgreens, Target and Whole Foods for $12.99 for 1.7oz.

Sheet MasksSimply When Present Perfect – this one burned last time, but wasn’t so bad this time around.. good thing because I have a couple more… $2-4 through Memebox.


Benefit Roller Lash – I bought into the hype, folks. It took a bit of getting used to, but I ended up really liking this, however would probably not repurchase. I am a huge fan of They’re Real and Bad Gal and would likely reach for one of those first. I probably would have been able to keep this around a bit longer, but am currently recovering from pinkeye. Gross… everything else is salvageable, but you can’t use mascara after that. Available at Ulta and Sephora for $24.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara  (affiliate link) – I loved this, as I mentioned in one of my previous weekly favorites. While this was a sample size, the brush was phenomenal – it helped the formula really coat, curl and separate my lashes. I would buy the full size in a heartbeat! This is available at Nordstrom for $29.


Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths – oh these are niiiice! They were made from a really heavy duty cloth. I have no idea what the scent was supposed to be, but I didn’t find it overpowering or offensive and it didn’t linger. These were great after a long flight or workout! I would definitely repurchase. Available at Drugstore.com for $3.39 for a pack of 10.

LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter – this is the product that just would not die. I’ve been using this FOREVER. it didn’t help that it got lost under my bed I guess.. My cuticles are the worst, this didn’t really help. It did, however, work really well on my cracked, dry winter hands. I would not repurchase. Available at LUSH for $16.95 for 1.5oz. And don’t forget to save your pots – when you return 5 pots you get a free mask!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock SPF45 – this is hands-down my favorite sunscreen. I typically use SPF70-100, so the 45 is a bit low… sometimes the higher the SPF, the worse the formula. This is a consistent formula and leaves my skin cool and non-greasy. I buy in bulk. Available at Walgreens, Target, Amazon, etc. for $9-11 for 5oz.


Batiste Dry Shampoo in Floral & Fruity Blush – this little guy is adorable! I am typically a fan of the Crisp and Cool, but I might have a new favorite! I would definitely repurchase. Full size is available at Ulta or Drugstore.com for $8-10 for 6.73oz.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Shampoo – part of a set with a conditioner and serum also, but of course nothing finishes at the same time… This was great – hydrating, minimized frizz and didn’t harm my color treated hair. I really love John Frieda products and I think they are completely underrated. If I was in the market for a new shampoo, I would purchase. Available at Ulta, Target, Walgreens, etc. for about $10.

Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir – this was supposed to be repairing, hydrating, etc. Whatever, I have no idea. It did absolutely nothing for my hair. I would never purchase and I’m not going to bother looking up the cost or where you can find it.


Formula X for Sephora Base Coat – I don’t know… it’s a base coat… it was fine. I did not repurchase because it was like $10. there are perfectly good options for less.

That’s it, folks!

I hope you have a wonderful month!

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May Le Métier de Beauté VIP Vault

Hello everyone!

As usual, I’m super behind on posting my LMdB Vault shipment…

If you read last month’s post, you know I was not impressed with the past holiday cast offs. This month was so much better and something I will use over and over again. In fact, I was drooling over it months ago when it was a GWP at the $350 price point. There was a moment of insanity when I contemplated spending that much just to get the GWP… Why? Because I have a serious magpie problem.

This month we received the Galore Six Fashion Palette, an 18-pan palette full of amazing shadows originally featured here. I found a really great review of a previous limited edition pallete that is fantastic – The Ultimate Makeup did some side by side comparisons with kaleidoscopes and singles.

Apologies for the poor lighting this time – its been raining for days and have zero natural light to work with.

This is a great mix of neutrals and pops of color and I can’t wait to put this to use! the little sponge applicators will be useless so I will toss those. But those colors! Gorgeous!

Left: indoor lighting; right: indoors with flash

Left: indoor lighting; right: indoors with flash

There isn’t a value for this month’s shipment.. so I’m going to list as priceless? 😉

Previous months:

– August – After Dark Total Kaleidoscope valued at $95

– September – Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe valued at $175

– October – Goldfinger Kaleidoscope Palette valued at $95

– November – Lip liner set valued at $135.50

– December – two limited edition VIP eye shadows valued at $60

– January – blush and kabuki brush valued at $115

– February – The Romeo and Juliet, Blushing Bronzed Duet valued at $65

– March – Glow Your Own Way lip gloss duo valued at $68

– April – VIP eye shadow and old nail polish valued at $60

Total VIP program value to date: $868.50

What is the LMdB VIP Vault?

“It is Here the 2014 VIP Program! Consider yourself a VIP.

Become a member of the LMdB Beauty Vault VIP Program. Gift it to yourself or gift it to a friend. We promise: you won’t be disappointed. Liberate your inner Beauté and share the discovery of something beautiful every month.

How it works:

For a one-time fee of $348 ($29 dollars a month, for 12 months), become a Beauty Vault VIP. At the beginning of each month, our Le Métier de Beauté experts will send you a carefully curated full-sized product or assortment of products shipped right to your door. As an added bonus, Vault VIP Subscription shipping is free. All you have to do is sign up and anticipate 12 exciting months of LMdB surprises. Savor the perks of insider access, and start discovering beauty with us.

  • One full-sized item or an assortment of items shipped to you at the beginning of every month
  • Curated mix of our favorite Color, Skincare, Pre-release Sneak Peaks, Lab Previews, and Vault Exclusives
  • Shipping is free
  • Share your feedback, we want to get to know you better”

So I did not renew this subscription. I love it, but I have so much stuff and if I’m going to drop that much I would rather it be on specific things I want. LMdB, I love you, but the subscription isn’t happening this year.

Did you renew or subscribe for 2015-2016?

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