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Rant and Rave – Kat von D

on May 23, 2016

Hello everyone!

I wrote this draft a few months ago and honestly kind of forgot about it. In addition, I have a bunch of handwritten notes and a backlog of photos with the intention of being converted somehow to content, but it just never happened. I have really wanted to get back to some individual product reviews and share swatches but have gotten a bit lazy… I want to be able to share some positive and negative feedback outside of a little blurb on Instagram.

One topic I wanted to discuss was some Kat Von D. I love Kat – I enjoyed her show, follow her on social media, bought her books and have visited her tattoo shop. It would only make sense that I would love her makeup also, right? I’ve read so many great reviews on the foundation, lip colors, eye pallets, etc. so purchased some of the lip products a while ago and realized I’ve never really discussed the brand on the blog.

I was so excited to receive a small version of the Lolita matte liquid lipstick in a Sephora Give Me Lip set a few months ago. The shade was everything I hoped it would be – a whole lot of brown with a touch of pink. It takes me back to the 90’s and it makes me so happy. The texture however, is a bit too drying. I get that it is a matte, but it really dries out my lips regardless of how much I exfoliate and prep. My trick to wearing this is to apply a light balm, then 2 coats of the color and top it off with a little bit of clear gloss. This keeps my lips from feeling really uncomfortable.

While I think the dryness factor is just my preference, I can’t say enough about the lasting power of this formula. This lasted easily 4-5 hours and throughout dinner and drinks. I was about to reapply after dinner and realized I still had quite a bit of color. It also wore evenly and didn’t come off in patches or flake.

The second product is the Studded Kiss Lipstick in shade Gothica, an interesting red/brown color with a copper glittery finish. This shade had some mixed reviews, but a decent rating overall and the swatches online were really beautiful.

When I finally received this I was seriously shocked by the amount of glitter.  After applying it, I was really disappointed in the overall look and feel. The color did. not go on evenly and ended up very patchy and my lips were covered in glitter. Listen, I love glitter but this was a bit ridiculous. I wore this out to get some drinks (THE TRUE TEST FOR ANY COLOR) and checked it throughout the night. In a span of a couple hours, it went from patchy to nonexistent except for… you guessed it… the glitter. It was all over my face.


I have tried to wear Gothica a couple more times and the glitter has been a bit more manageable, but only because of some gloss holding it in place. This was a major disappointment because this shade is gorgeous.

Overall, both the liquid lipstick and the Studded Kiss are a fail. I have figured out how to make them work for me, but that isn’t how it should be! I like products that are easy to use, enhance a feature or are fun and neither of these products fit that description. Its highly unlikely that I will repurchase any of the lip products. I did purchase the Shade and Light eye quad in plum that is (so far) very nice.

So tell me, am I the only one who feels this way? Has anyone else been really disappointed with the lip products? Share below!


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