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Weekly Favorites – part 24

on June 16, 2015

So I’ve had this draft in my head for a week… having the time to sit down and type it all out is a completely different story!

Here we are with another week of favorites. And interesting favorites they are… Until a couple years ago, I was pretty loyal to just a couple brands. If you opened my makeup drawer, you would typically find a lot of MAC, Bobbi Brown and a few odds and ends tucked away also. If you look at the same drawer today, you will see there is either no loyalty, or loyalty to many brands (not sure how much I want to admit my makeup addiction there)… I think the other side of this is that some of the drugstore brands have really stepped up their game and have been responsive to what buyers really want. We want quality pigmentation, the ability to conceal and correct and a wide range of colors. It is not uncommon to see someone use NYX and Dior in the same look and have amazing results from both.

This week’s favorites are just that – a combination of high and low end. There is no rhyme or reason, but man, they are damn good:

Burberry Natural Sheer Lip Mist in Blueberry No. 206 – I’m a sucker for good packaging… and wow, does Burberry have some gorgeous packaging. Sleek lines, magnetic closures and that iconic print. Of course this magpie couldn’t resist. I tried a few shades and realized I was drifting to my standard nude/brown/pink shades and begged the specialist to pull me out of a color rut. She showed me this gorgeous, sheer color that actually was the color of crushed blueberries. After sweeping it on and being intoxicated by the amazing rose scent, I was sold (I also caved and returned later to get an eyeshadow quad – oops). This has been one of my go-to colors the last couple weeks. I love how easy this is to apply and that it is a hydrating lipstick. It easily wears for 3-4 hours before needing touched up. Let me be clear that I am always eating or drinking, so my wear time is probably less than a normal person. Available at select Nordstrom and Saks for $33 (0.12oz).

Maybelline Master Conceal in 10 Fair – I managed to forget to pack any of my concealers for a recent work trip (including the Laura Mercier Face Book I purchased just for travel…) and had to run out and pick up something to hide my awful dark circles. I spent 20 minutes debating on what to get and decided to give this one a shot. This concealer is amazing. I was in and out of the car, sun and humidity all day and this did not budge. Zero creasing and didn’t need touched up. I was so blown away. I’ve also used it a couple times since and am really happy with the performance. Available pretty much anywhere you can buy makeup… $8.99 for about 0.4oz.

What are your current favorites? Have you tried either of these products?


One response to “Weekly Favorites – part 24

  1. […] Maybelline Master Conceal in 10 Fair – I picked this up on a whim after leaving my concealer at home on one of my work trips. I liked it so much that when I forgot my concealer on another trip, I picked up another (hence the “1” on the tube). This is a serious, stay all day, dark circle minimizing beast! I also discussed this previously here. […]

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