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Use It – April 2015

on May 3, 2015

Happy May, everyone!!

This was a somewhat dismal month as far as using things up – so if you are looking for a long post with lots of products, look through some of the archives. 😉

If you follow me on Instagram (@lvp8779), you know that I’m participating in the #sampledout challenge. While there is no way I will be sample free by 2016, I hope to make a significant dent. This is my declaration before you read through this post and ask “why so many samples?” I’m tracking on Instagram, but reviewing here. I feel like I can give a more thorough review and list the prices and where to find, should you care to track it down.

In keeping with the last several months, everything is broken down into one of the following categories: skincare, makeup, body, hair and lifestyle.


Giorgio Armani Regenessence Youth Generator – it was okay the first time I used it and the second time, it burned and itched… I just wanted it off of my face. Just no. This received 4.5 stars on the Saks website – interesting. If you are feeling adventurous, you can purchase for $155 (1.01oz).

Julep Luxe Repair Skin Serum – I can’t believe I finished this.. it is a pretty big tube. This was just okay – it felt like it took forever to sink into my skin. I did like using this in the winter, as it added a bit of extra hydration, but I would not repurchase. Available on the Julep website – $28 for 0.6oz.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment (affiliate link) – I have always been a bit scared of this… I hate avocado. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good for your skin! This little packet is deceiving – there was about a weeks worth of product (used 2x daily) in this one. A small amount went a very long way. I would definitely purchase. Available at Nordstrom and Kiehl’s stores and website – $28.50 for 0.5oz.

Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate (affiliate link) – I didn’t find this to be plumping, however thought it was incredibly hydrating. I didn’t notice my skin getting greasy, as it sometimes gets with serums/oils. This foil packet had about a week and half of use (1x daily) and I would like to test it out for about a month before giving it the true pass or fail. Available at Nordstrom and Kiehl’s stores and website – $58 for 1.7oz.

Patchology – I was so excited to finally be selected for one of The Pink Panel for some product feedback! Three of the four items in the study were sheet masks designed to illuminate, exfoliated and hydrate. My favorite of the three was the hydrating mask. After 5 minutes, my skin felt smooth, soft and incredibly hydrated. I hadn’t heard of this brand previously, but a quick Google search informed me that the products were available on HSN and at Neiman’s and run about $50 for eight masks. If you are interested in joining or learning more about testing out products, visit The Pink Panel.

Sheet Masks – oh look… more sheet masks! Missha Pomegranate and Lioele Aloe sheet masks. I know I have talked about them before.. I loooovvvvveee the pomegranate products that Missha puts out and I want them all! These are available through Memebox for $2-4 each.






Biolage Deep Smoothing Leave-in Cream – I’ve been trying to limit my heat-styling right now and have been letting my hair do it’s wavy, natural thing. This did a fantastic job of defining the curls as well as minimizing the frizz. I have a couple packets of this and will be using regularly… I would definitely consider purchasing. I found this on Drugstore.com as the SmoothProof Leave-in Cream and available for $17 for 5.1oz.

Brazilian Tech Keratin De-Frizz Wand – I have talked about this so many times.. like here and here. This thing is magic. Seriously magic. One quick swipe tames all of the little flyaways as well as manages the humidity frizz. When I got to about halfway, I went in search of more and ended up purchasing two. Available at Sally Beauty Supply for $8 (0.5oz).

Garnier Nourishing Avocado, Olive & Shea Oil Conditioner – this truly is the most nourishing combination of oils out there and together have really helped preserve the color on my currently very damaged hair. My hair is not having a good moment, but this really helped smooth and hydrate my brittle strands. I’m using a few other products right now that I do like a bit better, so probably would not purchase. I believe this is actually sold as the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner.  I found the latter on Amazon for $4.97 for 25.4oz.




Saying goodbye to two things that have been in my closet for way too long. Farewell, Botanical Nutrients Yucca Aloe Shampoo. Bath and Body Works sold this line years ago. Years. Why do we still have this aging on a shelf? Also, the True Blue Spa Handy Work Liquid Hand Soap… I don’t know which is older, but I bought them both when I was still working for Bath and Body Works. I left there in 2007. Goodbye.

And so long, St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. We just weren’t compatible – too dark and appeared streaky. I would much rather use a gradual tanning lotion.

So there you have it, folks. Another month, another review of my trash.

I hope you have a wonderful May!


2 responses to “Use It – April 2015

  1. prettytrippy says:

    oooh! Look at all the sheet masks!!! LOVE!

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