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Guest post – Jenn’s Winter Favorites

on December 22, 2014

Happy Christmas week everyone!

Due to some surgery last week, I’m a bit off my game. This was anticipated, so I prepped a few posts and asked a couple friends to step in and do a little writing on my behalf. You might remember a post earlier this year from my friend Jenn. I asked her to come back and share some of her winter essentials. I love getting her input on… everything!

I hope you enjoy her post!





I’ve been wrapping packages and thinking about my winter must haves would be.

As soon as I started two things came instantly to mind. Peppermint and Bergamot. I like those two scents this time of year and anything with either of those scents are likely to be bought by me. I have this luscious bar of soap that I picked up at TJMaxx made by Fringe with Bergamot. The scent feels feminine, but not sweet, and it lingers around forever. If a fragrance could feel like silk charmeuse, this would be it for me.

Peppermint is the other fragrance found in many of my toiletries this time of year from toothpaste to sugar scrubs. I also drink lots of peppermint tea during the holidays. And, it can settle your stomach if you over-indulge during a holiday party.

As far as specific products go, I do have a few go-to items – the staples of my winter beauty routine.


– ExfoliKate by Kate Somerville – It’s pricey, but unbeatable. This exfoliating face treatment uses fruit extracts to remove dirt and dead skin and after only 90 seconds you can see results. The recommendation is for twice a week, but my skin is a bit more sensitive, so I only do it once a week.
– Hand Relief Lotion by Aveda – Like typical Aveda products it has a light, fresh scent with lavandin (high- grade lavender essential oil) and eucalyptus. This has been my go to hand lotion for years and I haven’t found anything that comes close to it. It’s a little thick going on, but let it soak in.
Benetint and/or Posietint by Benefit – I’m fair-skinned and I need to add a little more color to my cheeks during the winter months. I don’t like heavy make-up, so I find tints work wonderfully well. I use it on my lips and the apples of my cheeks.


Naked by Urban Decay – I have the Naked Basics (thank you, Laura) and the original Naked eyeshadow palettes. The Naked Basics palette is perfect for most days. I even use the black or darker brown shades as a powder liner. The original palette gives some additional options including the golden tones, which I love during the holidays. I also use the lightest shades in either palette as a highlighter around my face and the corners of my eyes. Makes me look more awake, even when I’m not.
Red lipstick – Everyone needs a good red during the holidays. My favorites at the moment – BareEssentials Marvelous Moxie in Call the Shots and Clinique Different Lipstick in Angel Red. I also love Mary Kay’s lipstick in Firecracker.

Last but not least – WATER, WATER, WATER – I can’t stress that one it enough, especially in the winter. All the dry heat created by centralized air dehydrates my skin, hair, nasal passages, and eyes. I say, “drink up!” I drink 2-3 large bottles of water every day.



What are some of you winter essentials?


One response to “Guest post – Jenn’s Winter Favorites

  1. […] up is the Sleek i-Divine mineral eye shadow palette in Storm. My friend Jenn brought this back from England in the fall. I’ve used it off and on but really started […]

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