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Weekly Favorites – part 8

on October 27, 2014

Greetings everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

This past week was a rough one… I came home from 2 weeks of travel with a cold or something and spent the last week miserable. I’ll spare you the details, but there was a lot of tea, soup and Mucinex involved. And you know, I have a hard time declaring any of those things as a weekly favorite…

So as it goes, I kept it short and sweet:


Le Métier de Beauté Liquid Liner in Noir – I do not like liquid liner. I screw it up every time… until now. Oh hey, I can’t screw this one up! The pen tip on this is so sturdy, yet soft. I found the color to be easy to build to a rich, solid black. Laying it parallel to the lashes and tucking the color between the lashes really created a beautiful effect. And can I just say that this was one of the most wonderful GWP ever…. I got this months ago at my first visit to the LMdB counter and just recently had the courage to test my hand. This is available at Neiman Marcus for $42.

Kneipp Herbal Bath Cold & Sinus Relief – this is supposed to be used as a bath soak, but since my 100 year old home’s piping is not able to accommodate such luxuries, I used this in a super steamy shower instead. This is a strong eucalyptus oil that is supposed to help clear the sinuses and it absolutely does.

And I love the brand story:

Sebastian Kneipp was born in 1821 in the Bavarian region of Germany. His ambition in life was to be a priest, but his plans were waylaid when he fell ill to pulmonary tuberculosis–at that time a fatal disease–during his theological study. As fate would have it, he stumbled upon a book on hydrotherapy. After taking multiple short immersions in the cold waters of the Danube River, he soon found that it caused the illness to go into remission, allowing him to complete his studies.

After his experience, Kneipp wrote a book called ‘My Water Cure,’ (1886) which took Germany by storm and quickly became a best-seller. Kneipp believed that the physical and mental stresses of everyday life often lead to physical or spiritual overloading, which can be effectively countered by a changeover to a natural lifestyle. He continued his studies into alternative approaches to health and eventually developed an entire system and philosophy of natural healing and wellness. The products bearing his name reflect this philosophy.”

If there is a company that understands how to treat a cold, this is the one. I picked this up at Merz Apothecary in Chicago a while back, anticipating that I would need this soon. This works wonders for $5.50 for a 20ml bottle and can be purchased at smallflower.com The website is okay.. but the store is AMAZING! The staff is really knowledgeable and will make the perfect recommendations for whatever ails or need/want arises.

So that’s it, folks. I hope you have a wonderful week!


One response to “Weekly Favorites – part 8

  1. […] Kneipp Herbal Bath Cold & Sinus Relief – I talked about this last week here. I would repurchase this in a heartbeat! I purchased this for $5.50 (20ml bottle) from Merz […]

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