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MAC Prep + Prime CC Review

on February 26, 2014

First there was beauty balms or BB cream.. or whatever you wish to call them. The multi-purpose product designed to prime, conceal, hydrate, protect and any other combination of fantastic qualities. The next variation, alphabetically, is the CC products. This is much simpler – color correct.

I’ve had several people ask me about this line and until this week, I had no immediate feedback. So I’ve been relying on lots of others for feedback. One of my favorite bloggers Karen, of Makeup and Beauty Blog writes a great overview and shares and interview with MAC Senior Artist Victor Cembellin about the new Colour Correct line. So after reading this and being armed with my color theory in studies from college theatre classes, I got the basic concepts. Instead of using more of a product for coverage, use the opposite of the color you wish to conceal to eliminate the color and focus on the use of light to deflect dark. Make sense? So if you look at complimentary colors on a color wheel, that would ideally be the neutralizer.


The opposites are the balance: yellow/purple, blue/orange, red/green, etc.

MAC takes the idea a step further and created products designed to illuminate, recharge, adjust and neutralize. MAC defines the products as such:

Our innovative new line of colour correcting creams and powders enhance and perfect your skin tone, instantly retexturizing and blurring imperfections. Each formula is available in four unique shades: Illuminate, Recharge, Neutralize and Adjust, which can even the look of skin tone, reenergize the complexion, neutralize redness or brighten dull skin. Every shade works on all skin tones and can be worn alone, used to set or stabilize makeup, or simply applied over moisturizer.”

I tried 2 products with the intent of neutralizing my sometimes splotchy red skin and concealing my dark under eye circles.

Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 in Neutralize (yellow) – “A multitasking formula that evens skin tone, increases luminosity and inhibits oily shine while protecting from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This moisturizing primer also keeps skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day.”

Feedback: no red splotches. Whoa. I looked as porcelain as it gets.

Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact in Illuminate (lavender) – “Enhanced with a colour-correcting formula, applies transparently, creating an invisible veil across the face, smoothing away the appearance of lines and imperfections. The finely milled powder is weightless, giving skin a smooth, velvety feel while reducing shine all day long. Ideal for touch-ups.”

Feedback: brilliant. My MAC artist used this to illuminate the under eye area (on top of the product listed below) and it immediately brightened the entire area.

The third product I tried was from the regular Prep + Prime Collection:

Prep + Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose – “A pen-style highlighter that efficiently brings a soft sheer wash of colour to the skin. With its precision application, adds radiance just where you want it. Goes on smoothly for cushion-soft wear. Use over makeup for highlights, touch-ups or under makeup to brighten and prime.”

Feedback: OMG. GIVE ME THAT!!! This is amazing. I typically use Bobbi Brown’s Concealer and Corrector – this pen does the work (and more) of both.


Left: swatch of Illuminate and Radiant Rose

Top: No makeup – yikes!

Bottom: Using the amazing Trish McEvoy’s “triangle of light” highlighting theory. Highlight in a triangle away from the eye and into the cheekbone – this gives the illusion of higher cheekbones. Using a concealer brush, blend inward and fill in under the eye and the inner part of the highlighted triangle area.


Top: Neutralize in liquid form

Bottom: use Neutralize on splotchy areas to minimize red coloring. You can see the contrast with the brightened Radiant Rose in the eye area


Finished product! Bobbi Brown Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer with the MAC Prep + Prime translucent powder all over and Illuminate in the under eye area, MAC blush in Breath of Plum on the apples of the cheek, Benefit BrowZings, POP Beauty silver/grey eye trio, Elizabeth Mott Pearl on waterline and Benefit Bad Gal in black.

One day I promise I’ll do a real asymmetrical face correction tutorial. I really see it when I edit my own photos. There are so many amazing tricks to disguise asymmetry, but since I regularly go without glasses, I hardly ever do the full application.

So what am I really trying to say? Aside from I love this line? There is a reason I keep coming back to MAC – it’s so accessible. I can play around with 100 products, but MAC continually gives me the tools to solve my beauty problems. The Colour Correct line has really simplified my makeup routine. I’m sold.

Side note…. maybe it would be helpful to add where you can find this… sorry, I’m exhausted. Here is my Nordstrom affiliate link – enjoy!


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