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The dry shampoos I love, tolerate and love to hate

on January 19, 2014

Well, here it is folks. My long-promised dry shampoo round up. I do fear that this will be lengthy… so my apology in advance. And is also partially the excuse for this particular post taking so darn long to complete.

Remember, your hair is probably different than mine. As with any recommendation, this is what works for MY medium-weight, chemically treated hair that occasionally gets greasy. It’s about 6 inches past my shoulders and oh yeah, there’s a ton of it.

So here we go, in alphabetical order:

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Cool and Crisp Fresh) – this is great for helping out during the awful summer months. I love clean scents and this is a great fresh scent that never over powers other scents that I might be wearing. This does spray on a bit heavy so a little goes a long way. Spray, wait and shake or brush out.

Dislike: none

How long does it extend shampoo time? I’ve been able to push to 6 days if bangs were actually shampooed separately every couple days.

Buy it again? Of course!

Cost:  $7.99 for 6.83 oz

Where: Ulta

Batiste Hint of Color Dry Shampoo (Dark and Deep Brown) not pictured – this one is great and I just keep going back to it. It is tinted a darker shade and is incredibly subtle. You still need to do the standard spray, wait and then shake out, but it blends so well into all shades of brunette and even the assorted red shades that I’ve sported over the last couple years. The scent is interesting – not overwhelming but it doesn’t offend me either.

Dislike: the color does tend to get on your hands. There have been many times that I’ve scratched my head and have been shocked to find my nails a scary shade afterwards.

How long does it extend shampoo time? I have been able to go comfortably 3-4 days with this product without feeling excessive buildup.

Buy it again? Definitely

Cost:  $8.99 for 6.73 oz

Where: Ulta

Klorane Extra-gentle dry shampoo with oat milk – the directions don’t lie. Use a small quantity. There is a very slight color to this product, so don’t feel that you need to spray until you can see it. Again, spray, wait a couple minutes and shake out. This one actually responds better to shaking with your hands than brushing.

Dislike: the scent is a mix of cheap perfume and chemicals, fortunately it fades quickly.

How long does it extend shampoo time? Max 3 days

Cost:  $19.50 for 3.2 oz

Where: Birchbox

Psssst! Instant Dry Shampoo – ok, let me stop giggling. I love this name. I actually just tried this today for the first time. Initially it absorbed all of the oil around my crown and offered me one more day of laziness. Sadly, after 12 hours I feel as though the oil is creeping back in. The scent is pleasant, like a nice powdery perfume.

Dislike: this is not long lasting – would definitely need to be reapplied if it were a long work or event day

How long does it extend shampoo time? Unsure

Cost:  $5.99 for 5.3 oz – buy one get one free right now!

Where: Ulta

Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser – if there was ever a product that was over-hyped, this would be it. Let me state that I’ve had this product for a couple years now and keep breaking it out and giving it another chance. The concept is that you spray at the roots and massage the oil out. What ends up happening is that the entire length of your hair becomes greasy. While it really does leave your roots and scalp feeing clean for a bit, it’s not long lasting.

Dislike: see above. Oh, and since it is made out of nuts, it leaves you reeking of hazelnut all day. If you happen to be going into a setting where you will be shaking hands, be cautious of those with nut allergies.

How long does it extend shampoo time? Not long

Cost:  $25 for 4.5 oz

Where: Ulta or Sephora

Oscar Blandi Pronto not pictured– this might possibly be my holy grail of dry shampoos. I know I have already raved about it, but am happy to do so again. This was the first dry shampoo I ever used and I can’t believe I ever switched… oh wait. Yes, I do believe it… the price. But I was a big fan of the powder and graduated to the aerosol. This is an incredible long-lasting dry shampoo. Since a little can go a long way, use the spray, wait and shake or brush process. The smell is a bit chemically, but fades immediately.

Dislike: too much product dispensed can be a challenge to shake or brush out.  If you use too much it can definitely cause build up and shorten the amount of time between shampoos.

How long does it extend shampoo time? About 4-5 days

Cost:  $23 for 3.2 oz

Where: Oscar Blandi website (affiliate link)

Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible – oh dear… if only this were as good as the original… Since discovering the Pronto, I was convinced there could be nothing better. And then wait, there was an invisible version! It had a better scent than the original, so there was hope! And then I used it. This doesn’t even feel like dry shampoo, it almost feels like a lightweight hairspray. Sadly, I noticed no visible oil absorption. It didn’t add any additional weight to my hair, but it certainly didn’t take any out.

Dislike:  everything

How long does it extend shampoo time? It doesn’t

Cost:  $25 for 5 oz

Where: Oscar Blandi website (affiliate link)

There you have it. Now, yes, I own almost all of them all currently… And I use them all for different purposes on different days. If I had to choose just one forever, it would be the easy to use and unfinicky (is that even a word?) Batiste Crisp and Cool. This would be based on price point and the fact that I can go between washes the longest. I’m lazy, what can I say? If price weren’t a factor, it would be the Pronto hands down.

Do you use dry shampoo? What is your favorite and why?

Have a great week!


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