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Why I Love the Bachelor

on January 6, 2014

I think we can all agree that The Bachelor/Bachelorette (and assorted other spinoff shows that follow) is a hot mess. And I just can’t stop watching it. This is what, The Bachelor 35? Our dear Juan Pablo was thrown to the sharks this evening – a room full of 27 alcohol-fueled women  in evening gowns. I almost feel badly for him, but then I remember he came back willingly after being discarded by Desiree.

So why I love this show:

– Watching to figure out who is (or isn’t) there for the “right reasons.” If you mean clawing your way to get solo dates and roses and TV time, then I think everyone wins. If you are looking for true love, I think you’re delusional.

– Each season gets creepier. Back when the show first aired, there was no social media… or as accurate of internet search engines. By the time each contestant (male or female depending on the season) gets to the first cocktail party, a room of creepers has Googled them top to bottom. Its one thing if you’re a keynote speaker and people know your background… its another thing to walk into a room full of potential dating partners who all know waaayyy too much about you.

– Monday night Twitter – I can barely pay attention to the show because I’m laughing hysterically at my Twitter feed. If you are so inclined, please follow bestselling author Jennifer Weiner (@jenniferweiner) and one of my favorite bloggers Dana, or better known as the Possesionista (@possessionista) for a ridiculously good time.

I thought tonight was an amazing, crazy trainwreck and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Have a great week!


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